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Yendo is the best software to manage your sevivce business online. We handle thousands of transactions for thousands of customers every day.

Who we are

We think that running a business is about delivering a good service to your customer not just finance. We care deeply about providing an easy-to-use way to manage all aspects of your business.

To date we've helped many thousands of business in over 17 countries.

Our History

Early in 2006 we launched one of the first online timesheet tools in the Uk & Irish markets. This tool was designed for creative teams to track their tome on projects and to help them determine their client billing.

This quickly led us to add on an invoicing module that completes the process allowing users to also send our project invoices. This was very well received but we soon realised that most of our customer were then transferring these invoices into legacy accounting software manually. In response to this, we launched Yendo Accounts in 2009 which included full accounting functionality and the ability to maintain a Profit & Loss.

As our userbase grew we have gone on to add a module to support our customers through the sales cycle with a full CRM and quotation management system. Our most recent additions are modules to manage the projects themselves and to handle support tickets.

Yendo has now been translated into five languages and is widely used in over 17 countries.

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